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Chapter 18 Section 1

Chapter 18 Section 1 - Gabriel Greening B Period History Ms...

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Gabriel Greening B Period History Ms. Cory Chapter 18 Section 1 I. Dictators Challenge World Peace a. Japan on the Move: -Japan was one of the earliest when they attacked China -Militarists had more power, western protests meant little b. Italy Invades Ethiopia: -Mussolini used his new army to take Ethiopia -Brutal, League of Nations had no power to stop them however c. Hitler’s Challenge: -Hitler had also built up army and power with Nazis -League of Nations no power there either d. Appeasement and Neutrality: -Western powers didn’t want another war, so they gave in to Germany a little -Fascism seemed better than Soviet Communism -U.S didn’t want to be involved with Europe’s wars e. Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis: -Germany, Italy, and Japan became the Axis powers -Wanted to fight Soviet communism and pave way for anti-democratic aggressor powers II. The Spanish Civil War a. From Monarchy to Republic: -Uprising against king, republic born -Reforms made, Church control limited, women vote, land to peasants
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