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Chapter 18 Section 5

Chapter 18 Section 5 - -Fear of communism IV New Conflicts...

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Gabriel Greening B Period History Ms. Cory Chapter 18 Section 5 I. Aftermath of War a. Horrors of the Holocaust: -After war people realized how bad the concentration camps were -Many, many died in the camps b. War Crimes Trials: -Axis leaders tried in court for the terrible crimes -Many guilty, some top leaders executed c. Allied Occupation: -With the trials, allies discredited fascism, Nazis, and militarism -People wondered how this all happened -Allies built democracy in the defeated axis countries II. The United Nations -UN created, better than League of Nations -UN covered many world problems to keep world in shape III. The Alliance Breaks Apart a. Growing Differences: -Mistrust and conflicting ideas grew between western allies and Soviet Union -Led to Cold War b. Origins of the Cold War: -Stalin wanted to spread communism -Also he wanted a buffer zone as a defense -Stalin was bitter towards allies -Allies didn’t agree with Stalin, Stalin followed his way anyway c. A Divided Europe: -Soviet Union was a ‘iron curtain’ dividing the continent
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Unformatted text preview: -Fear of communism IV. New Conflicts Develop a. Truman Doctrine:-Truman made doctrine saying that U.S will resist Soviet expansion-Stalin saw this as a threat Gabriel Greening B Period History Ms. Cory b. The Marshall Plan:-U.S gave lots of money and good to Europe to rebuild-U.S offered help to Soviets, Stalin said no c. Divisions in Germany:-Soviet Union withdrew its support from its German zone-European allies allied the zones -Germany became a divided nation with West(democratic) and East(communism) d. Berlin Airlift:-Stalin tried to force west-Berliners out-Allies sent westerners food on planes e. Military Alliances: -NATO created-Soviets made Warsaw pact f. The Arms Race:-Soviets were able to make an atomic bomb-All countries raced to create the most powerful weapons g. The Propaganda War:-U.S defended Capitalism -Soviets said western imperialism was bad V. Looking Ahead-After WWII hope for peace-Cold War lasted 40 years-World floating towards chaos...
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Chapter 18 Section 5 - -Fear of communism IV New Conflicts...

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