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Chapter 19 Section 1 continued

Chapter 19 Section 1 continued - V Global Issues a Deadly...

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Gabriel Greening B Period History Ms. Cory Chapter 19 Section 1 (continued) III. New Nations Seek Stability -Still problems. .. -Tried to install democracy -Advancement hard to come by -Authoritarian leaders took some power, but democracy progressed a bit IV. Regional and Global Organizations a. The United Nations: -UN set up after WWII -Provide services to everyone all of world -Conferences of all global leaders to keep peace and keep stuff good b. Other Organization: -Many other organization set up to keep life good -Democratic stuff good for countries and continents
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Unformatted text preview: V. Global Issues a. Deadly Weapons:-Nuclear weapons around-People wanted to be safe-Military Important b. Human Rights:-UN members approved the Universal Declaration of Human Rights-Global rights for everyone-Abuse still happened, some not happy c. The Question of Intervention:-Some thought that Human Rights intervened with countries individuality-Always lots of stuff about whether people have right to nose into others stuff d. Terrorism:-Terrorism very bad, lots died from it-Governments try to squash leaders of terrorist groups...
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