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Chapter 19 Section 1 - -Many new nations did not ally with...

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Gabriel Greening B Period History Ms. Cory Chapter 19 Section 1 I. An End to European Colonial Empires a. Nationalism and Independence: -Colonies were sick of being controlled across world -Empires wanted to keep colonies, but had no money -U.S and Soviets both wanted to please colonies and get allies from them b. Different Roads to Freedom: -Most achieved independence peacefully -Some fought to keep colonies c. Global Impact: -Great liberation -New countries wanted modernization II. The Cold War Goes Global a. Nonaligned Nations:
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Unformatted text preview: -Many new nations did not ally with anyone during Cold War-Tried to reduce world tensions b. Hot Spots:-Local war in Africa, Latin America, and Asia-Communists added to tension, U.S stopped it with policies-Korea Vietnam torn by conflicts c. The Cold War Ends:-Soviet Union collapsed-Hope for peace, but trouble still around d. Ethnic and Religious Conflicts:-Religious and Ethnic groups singled out and wanted independence to protect their identity III. New Nations Seek Stability...
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