Chapter 19 Section 2

Chapter 19 Section 2 - development. b. Population and...

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Gabriel Greening F Period History Ms. Cory Chapter 19 Section 2 I. The Global North and South a. Rich Nations: -Northern Hemisphere housed the rich countries -Rich countries are capitalistic, free market b. Poor Nations: -South still developing -Struggling people c. Migration: -Many try to get to richer countries for better lives II. Economic Interdependence a. The Oil Crisis: -1973 Oil exports were halted and prices rose -Created problems for countries needing fuel b. The Debt Crisis: -Poor countries would take loans but could not pay back -Rich countries suffered from loss of money -Privatization took place c. The Asian Economics Crisis: -Started in Japan, spread and killed jobs and economy -Brazil and Russia also faced problems about money d. Economic Organizations: -The World Bank funded nations, and the International Monetary Fund -Help with global economic problems, though some countries could not be helped III. Obstacles to Develop a. Geography: -Some countries have difficult climate or lack of resources which hinder
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Unformatted text preview: development. b. Population and Poverty:-Huge population boom continued-Put strain on countries to sustain all these people-Many die from the effects of poverty-Some nations try to slow the population growth Gabriel Greening F Period History Ms. Cory c. Economic Dependence:-Old colonies made economic independence-Many borrowed money though d. Economic Policies:-Some countries tried som, for the long run it did not work for the economy e. Political Instability:-Political unrest often hindered economic development -War torn countries had to rebuild IV. Development and the Environment a. Growing Threats:-Threats to environment began at the Industrial Revolution-Alarms sounded from environmentalists when Earth was ravaged-Global warming is warming Earth-Accidental problems like oil tankers exploding in ocean and hurting ocean b. Protecting the Environment:-Laws trying slow down global warming-People trying to agree on the best course of action...
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Chapter 19 Section 2 - development. b. Population and...

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