Chapter 21 Section 1 (Continued)

Chapter 21 Section 1 (Continued) - -Nationalized industries...

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Gabriel Greening F Period History Ms. Cory Chapter 22 Section 1 (Continued) b. Women: -Women gained the vote and better education. Indira Gandhi elected office! -Low-Caste women still living on the lower rungs -Groups made to help women and secure their rights V. Pakistan and Bangladesh a. A Divided Nation: -West and East Pakistan were divided -Different languages, eastern Bengalis vs. Punjabis tension -New place “Bangladesh” gained independence -Pakistan army wanted to killBengalis they fled to India who killed Pakistan army b. Government: -Power jostled from person to person in Pakistan -Economic problems and corruption in 1999ish -Military tried to take over, other countries wanted them to revert to democracy c. Economy: -Tried to better the agriculture, but at a price
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Unformatted text preview: -Nationalized industries to help economy, yet little development.-Debt d. Trials of Bangladesh:-Scary weather-Population growth strained economy-Slow development VI, South Asia and the World a. Conflict of Kashmir:-Fear and Mistrust between India and Pakistan-Several wars and tension remains high b. The Nuclear Issue:-India had nukes; Pakistan wanted them to because of fear-Tension, Pakistan tested out nukes, tried to stop the tension c. Afghanistan:-Lots of Civil War-Taliban formed -Bin Laden and alQaida -September 11 mostly Saudi Arabians though wasn’t it? d. Sri Lanka:-Ethnic tensions-Rebels, violence ensued Gabriel Greening F Period History Ms. Cory...
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Chapter 21 Section 1 (Continued) - -Nationalized industries...

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