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Chapter 21 Section 2

Chapter 21 Section 2 - Gabriel Greening F Period History Ms...

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Gabriel Greening F Period History Ms. Cory Chapter 21 Section 2: From Revolution to Reform in China I. Communist Control of China a. Reasons for Victory: -Mao had one support and done a wonderful job -Women were on Mao’s side -Mao’s armies defeated Jiang’s and people saw the problems with nationalism b. Reorganizing the Economy: -Began modernizing to become powerful country -Collectivization took place c. Remolding Society: -Totalitarian state created, many middle-class and lords beaten and killed -Education increased, reformed Chinese writing to make it simpler, people taught how Mao was amazing -Half-decent doctors taught rural areas how to reduce disease and better hygiene d. Changes for Women: -Women were equal under law -Not quite perfect for women, though progress was made II. Economic Disasters a. The Great Leap Forward: -Mao pushed to launch China’s farming and industrial output -Dismal failure, 30 million died of starvation b. The Cultural Revolution: -China slowly recovered from the Great Leap
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