Chapter 23 Section 4

Chapter 23 Section 4 - lifted the ban on the ANC.-Things...

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Gabriel Greening F Period History Ms. Cory Chapter 23 Section 4 Struggles in Southern Africa I. Zimbabwe’s Road to Majority: a. Armed Struggle: -Guerrilla War -Many whites fled, economy hurt -Settlement agreed upon, Zimbabwe formed b. Rebuilding: -Recovery and rebuilding -One-party system wanted by prez. Mugabe -Violence returned II. South Africa’s Long Struggle: a. Afrikaner Nationalism: -Black Nationalism -Races were separated b. Apartheid in Action: -Blacks were assigned “Homelands” -Life restrictions -Not an equal deal at all c. Black Resistance: -Protests - African National Congress set up to oppose white domination -Massacre at Sharpeville stunned the world d. Mandela’s Struggle: -Mandela created ANC Youth League, getting the youth to oppose the suppression. -Gov. suppression grew; Afrikaners started an armed-struggle against the whites -He later was thrown in prison for 27 years e. Toward Reform: -1989 F.W. de Klerk, ridded Africa of apartheid, repealed the hated pass laws, and
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Unformatted text preview: lifted the ban on the ANC.-Things got better, more equal f. Majority Rule:-1994, first multiracial elections-Mandela was elected Gabriel Greening F Period History Ms. Cory III. The New South Africa:-Mandela had many challenges to face-Not brilliant, but a start had been made! IV. Other Nations of Southern Africa: a. Namibia:-Southwest African People’s Organizations (SWAPO)-Armed struggle to win independence-b. Portuguese Colonies:-Clung to their colonies-15 years of struggling, they finally gave in to Africa c. Wars Continues:-Civil wars continued-Rebels hurt things V. Outlook and Gains a. Education and Health Care:-More schools, more literacy -Most nations sought to improve Health Care also b. Economic Opportunity:-Africa had great economic potential-Growth ensued c. Cultural Influence:-Great cultural art etc…-Reached global world...
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Chapter 23 Section 4 - lifted the ban on the ANC.-Things...

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