Chapter 24 Section 4

Chapter 24 Section 4 - b. Political Instability:-Getulio...

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Gabriel Greening F Period History Ms. Cory Chapter 24 Section 4 Focus on Argentina and Brazil I. Dictatorship and Democracy in Argentina a. Peron in Power: -Peron was prez -Wooed the poor, but didn’t work b. Military Rule: -Military took over -Many died c. Democracy Restored: -Democracy was restored, military rule was over -Facts about the “dirty war” came out -President Carlos Menem II. Brazil’s People and Government a. Population: -Diverse -Poverty in Brazil
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Unformatted text preview: b. Political Instability:-Getulio Vargas, was prez-The people voted to keep the Republic III. Brazils Economic Miracle a. Early Development:-Industry was encouraged b. Impressive Growth:-Started producing many things-Few got rich, though most stayed poor c. Economic Challenges:-Prez Fernando Henrique Cardoso-Problems in Brazil-Unemployment rose IV. Looking Ahead-Brazil is now a world superpower!...
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