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301 Quiz_4_Solution

301 Quiz_4_Solution - (f No System with surroundings...

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Name__________________________________________ 1 MAE 301: Engineering Thermodynamics I Spring 2010 Quiz 3 return to BR2217 by 5pm April 23, 2010 Solutions Problem 1. (a) True. Entropy is a property. (b) False. In a compression with T=Const entropy reduces. (System is getting organized – entropy decreases) (c) True. The specific entropy of ideal gas can be represented as a function of T,v or T,p . (d) False. Tds=du+pdv (e) False. System is getting organized –entropy decreases.
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Unformatted text preview: (f) No. System with surroundings represents isolated system. The increase of entropy principle applies. Problem 2. The two power cycles shown to the same scale in the figure are composed of internally reversible processes. Compare the net work and thermal efficiency of the cycles. (a) W a = W b (The area inside the cycles are the same) (b) η a > b ( = W/Q in , W a = W b and Q inb > Q ina ) T s 1 2 3 1 2 3 A B...
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