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Name__________________________________________ 1 MAE 301: Engineering Thermodynamics I Spring 2010 Quiz 4 return to BR2217 by 5pm April 23, 2010 (Total 100 points, open books and open notes) Problem 1. (60 points) Answer the following: (a) The change of entropy of a closed system is the same for every process between two specified states. True _____False ______ (b) The entropy of affixed amount of an ideal gas increases in every isothermal compression. True _____False ______ (c) The specific internal energy and enthalpy of an ideal gas are each functions of temperature alone but its specific entropy depends on two independent intensive properties. True _____False ______ (d) One of TdS equations has the form Tds = du - pdv . True _____False ______ (e) The entropy of a fixed amount of an incompressible substance increases in every process in
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Unformatted text preview: which temperature decreases. True _____False ______ (f) Is it possible for the entropy of both a closed system and its surroundings to decrease during the process? Yes _____No ______ Problem 2. (40 points) The two power cycles shown to the same scale in the figure are composed of internally reversible processes. Compare the net work and thermal efficiency of the cycles. (a) W a = W b ; W a > W b ; W a < W b (circle one) (b) a = b ; a > b ; a < b (circle one) The Honor Pledge: "I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this test, exam or special assignment. I have not discussed the contents of this test or exam prior to taking it." Signature_____________________________________ T s 1 2 3 1 2 3 A B...
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