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Okracorp letter - off their water After telling the...

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Bryan Tippett 1234 E Main St. Anytown, IA 45678 John Smith Okracorp 4567 Linn Blvd New York, NY 15987 Dear John Smith, During my recent interviews at your company, I was asked to interview some of your current employees to analyze some of the procedures. I have found there are incidents that your company is handling incorrectly. The recent incident involving the disgruntled customer and your business; I have thought about having a procedure on how to handle customers like this one. The customer was threatening your employees and your facility verbally. After you got him out of the office, you didn’t follow and see to it that he left. He was then allowed to come back into the office even after he threatened your business. During this incident, a delinquent customer came in to complain about your company shutting
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Unformatted text preview: off their water. After telling the customer what the reasoning was for termination of the service, he began getting angry and yelling at your employees. Your employees tried to make the customer happy, but all the customer wanted was to not pay his bill and for you to turn his water back on. After the customer was moved out of the office, he was allowed back in the office after he threatened your business and employees. This customer’s water was turned back on without him paying the bill. I would like to extend my firm’s service to write a formal report. In the report we will analyze our findings and determine what the best course of action will be. We will then write up a formal report and present our findings. Thanks, Bryan Tippett...
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