Env Science Article #2

Env Science Article #2 - for many things such as oxygen,...

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Bryan Tippett Environmental Science Reaction Paper #2 February 21, 2010 Fog helps Redwoods? The redwood trees of the western coast serve as a food source for many plants and animals in the coastal environment. The abnormal weather patterns of the California have caused the trees to begin abnormal feeding schedules. Fog is a source of water to the trees and allows the tree to have an adequate source of water. Will the affect of the changing weather cause the redwoods of California to die? I was disgusted by the thought that the trees that California is widely known for are losing their source of food. The changing weather pattern will cause the weather produce less fog and studies have shown the tree ring have had a significant affect since the reduced fog. The fog prevents the redwoods form losing out on any water during the summer months when California normally sees dry spells. With less food for the redwoods to have, this will not allow them to grow properly. The affect of this is just the start of things to come. The world depends on trees
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Unformatted text preview: for many things such as oxygen, wood for fire, paper. Without these things people would be lost. Researchers from California Berkeley have found evidence consistent with the stress from drought reduction. I agree with the assumption by the California Berkeley researchers. Fog allows the tree to get the added water and food in the warm months of summer in California. Without this water it will cause the tree to have less access to food causing the tree to be less beneficial to the dependents it has. The scientists feel that the coastal trees are the most vulnerable due to its inability to adapt as well as other trees. Though there has been consistence with the tree ring, there is still further analysis that needs to be done. Altogether, the redwoods are becoming more and more dependent on people due to the fact of fog reduction; we need to do as much as we can to save these trees. They mean the most to us and without them we will not exist....
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Env Science Article #2 - for many things such as oxygen,...

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