Reaction Article #3 - Bryan Tippett Environmental Science...

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Unformatted text preview: Bryan Tippett Environmental Science Reaction Paper #3 March 3, 2010 Massive Quake Shortened Earth Days? The recent quake that rocked the country of Chile was one of the biggest quakes in since the Sumatran quake of 2004. With each quake the earth’s axis will shift a distance dependent on the magnitude of the quake. With the shifting of the axis, the day’s length will start to get short. Studies performed by Richard Gross showed with the Chilean earthquake caused the earth’s rotation to shift. With a complex model calculated by Gross and his colleagues, they determined that the 8.8 quake should have shorted the length of a day by about 1.26 microseconds. Gross is closely comparing the info the 2004 Sumatra earthquake. The Chilean quake is much less significant than the one in Sumatra but with certain stipulations Gross feels that the shift will be as big as the 2004 quake. The effect of the February 27 th earthquake was significant and begins to shift the earth’s axis and with the increasing number of powerful earthquakes in the past 10 years it could lead to a climate change...
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Reaction Article #3 - Bryan Tippett Environmental Science...

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