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April Erickson April 11, 2010 Learning Journal #5 As this course winds down and we get into the final stages of our project, it has really made me take a look at the organization I work at, what they can do from a centralized level and what they can do at the department level. Sadly enough, though, I am not sure anything would happen remotely soon because of all the politics involved. I wish there were a lot more companies that were good case studies for us. The ones that were in the book were good, but there are so many large companies that it would be nice to see more implement a socio-cultural system and some of the items we have talked about in class. When it comes to our project, I think Travis and I have a very strong foundation but it is hard working on the ideal design.
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Unformatted text preview: That amazes me because people complain about the system and then when they get the chance to change it, they dont know what to do. I dont like being in that category, I want to have a proposed solution to the problem/issue. It may not be the right solution but at least it is something to try. We worked on the function and that seemed to be the easiest part of that and we really struggled with our structure part. I also struggle with dealing with an idealized design as if the system blew up over night and making sure it is realistic. Hopefully in the final stages of our project it will get a better idea of what is and isnt possible and having Traviss help as he knows my department well but still has that outside perspective will bring it back into perspective....
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