Erickson-Wal-Mart-jan10 - April Erickson Operations...

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Unformatted text preview: April Erickson Operations Management January 11, 2010 Wal-Marts Competitive Advantage and Strategy Most people in todays society complain about retail super-giant, Wal-Mart. Complain because of poor customer service, poor treatment of employees, controlling their suppliers, and wiping out small businesses (aka Mom and Pop shops). However, regardless of all of their negative aspects of business, they still must be doing something right because they have continued to succeed and grow. The main competitive advantages and strategies that Wal-Mart uses over its competitors are price point and improving its supply chain. In order to provide such a low price point for consumers, it negotiates and in some cases strong-arms their vendors to provide products to the retail giant at an even lower price than anticipated. Wal-Mart is able to use such tactics because they control so much of the market share and have so many stores. According to the Stock Advisors ( ), Wal- Mart had $405 billion in revenues last year and has done well in the economic downturn due to their low...
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Erickson-Wal-Mart-jan10 - April Erickson Operations...

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