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Riordan Manufacturing - Riordan Proposal Riordan...

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Unformatted text preview: Riordan Proposal Riordan Manufacturing is at a pivotal point in their business life cycle as it relates to the production of electric fans. A recent climate survey resulted in the discovery of employment dissatisfaction related to processes associated with the electric fan production line. Furthermore, labor-intensive and costly manufacturing processes have highlighted the need for changes. Their current situation provides the opportunity to make some advantages changes to elevate the level of success they have enjoyed thus far as a company. Some key changes that would directly and hopefully, immediately, bring forth these positive changes include the implementation of a material requirements planning (MRP) system. Acquiring such a system would enable Riordan to streamline the production processes for the electric fan line while simultaneously allowing other opportunities with regard to supply chain, process design and employee satisfaction to be affected positively. Material Requirements Planning System The Information Systems department will spearhead the effort to assess the current human resources information system to then be able to more easily identify what system is appropriate for Riordan Manufacturing. The goals of the new MRP will focus on ensuring the availability of materials for production and customer delivery, maintain the lowest possible inventory levels that support service objectives and plan manufacturing activities, production schedules and purchasing activities. It is important to note that an integrated system is vital to reduce labor costs and to enable the system to become more user-friendly. The level of automaton will be determined once the each step in the process is clearly defined. The scope of the information system project is to, at a minimum, have a relational system for... Executive Summary Riordan Manufacturing Inventory Process Service Request May/Baxter Incorporated is an Information Technologies company and a leading business analyst and software design company. We provide professional system solutions to companies with post modern automation integrated systems, and consumer and cost analysis. We specialize in multi-user environments and the System Development Life Cycle. We intend to decrease the quantity of human interface, thereby decreasing error and long term labor costs. To fully understand the necessity of the system solutions we supply, we first ask that you determine if you prefer to cut labor cost, increase delivery speed, decrease inventory errors and overall increase customer satisfaction. If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, then it is safe to say you are interested in beating your competition in the most aggressive markets of our time. At May/Baxter Incorporated we pride ourselves in our high aggressive markets of our time....
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Riordan Manufacturing - Riordan Proposal Riordan...

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