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Assignment 3: Group Project Project Overview This project will span multiple weeks and will involve you working with a group of fellow classmates to develop an array of presentations covering one of the body systems we are studying in this course. To begin this project, you and fellow group members will choose a body system on which to base all presentations. Then, each member of your group, including you, will commit to developing an individual PowerPoint presentation on a particular facet of that body system. While each group member has personal responsibility for the development of his or her own presentation, all members of the group are expected to assist fellow group members, with idea-generation, research, and any reviews that might be requested by team members who want assurance of the quality and content in their individual presentations. The facilitator will establish group discussion areas in Week 2 that can be utilized for discussion of individual projects from this point forward and up to the date on which projects are due. Groups may utilize email and classroom chat areas for additional communication about individual projects, if they choose. All individual PowerPoint presentations will be
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SU_BIO1011_W2_Groupproject - Assignment 3 Group Project...

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