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Assignment 1: Weekly Review Sheets To successfully complete this assignment, first read the following exercises from the Laboratory Manual. Exercise 4: The Cell: Anatomy and Division Exercise 6A: Classification of Tissue Animation: Membrane Transport: Cell Membrane Barrier (43 sec) As you view the presentation, consider this question: What aspects of the membrane transport make sense and which aspects do you still have questions about? For additional
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Unformatted text preview: practice, you may wish to complete the following labeling exercises: Figure 3-19 The Sodium-Potassium Exchange Pump By Week 2, Day 2 , based on knowledge from your lab manual readings and the MyA&P learning activities, complete the review sheets for both exercises and submit them to the W2: Assignment 1 Dropbox . Grading Criteria Maximum Points Completed the review sheet for Exercise 4. 4 Completed the review sheet for Exercise 6A. 4 Total 8...
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