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Final Cheat sheet - FV=0 END Credit Cards 1 effective...

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FV= PV x (1+i) n (Compound) SI= (PV x i) x n PV= FV/(1+i) n PV of Cash Flows=PV of YR1 + PV of YR2 + PV of YR3 + etc…… PV of an annuity = Calculator: N=t(number of months); I=interest rate per month; PMT = payment per month;
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Unformatted text preview: FV=0; END. Credit Cards : 1 + effective annual rate = (1+monthly rate) 12 APR= 12 x monthly interest rate Monthly interest rate = ÷ APR 12 FV of annuity of $1 a year =...
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