Quiz Attempt 1 - Congress 1. W hich of the following is the...

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Congress 1. Which of the following is the best definition of a constituent? A) It is another name for a voter. B) It is the name for a member of congress running for re-election. C) It is someone who donates money to a campaign. D) It is a person who lives in the district represented by a member of the legislature. Points Earned: 1.0/1. 0 2. Congress is a ________ legislature with ________ members. A) unicameral; 435 B) bicameral; 535 C) bicameral; 435 D) unicameral; 535 Points Earned: 1.0/1. 0 3. Under the original Constitution, senators A) served four-year terms. B) had the authority to choose the president's cabinet ministers. C) were appointed by state legislatures. D) all of the above. Points Earned: 1.0/1. 0 4. Which of thefollowing best describes a way in which the House differs from the Senate? A) The House is more centralized and organized than the Senate. B) The House is a looser and more deliberative body than the Senate. C) The House's representatives are much less specialized than the Senate's members.
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Points Earned: 1.0/1. 0 5. The most common occupation amoung members of Congress before coming to Congress is A) business executive. B) sales representative. C) professor. D) lawyer. Points Earned: 1.0/1. 0 6. In each House district there are approximately _______ people. A) 200,000 B) 600,000 C) 1,200,000 D) 2,500,000 Points Earned: 1.0/1. 0 7. Which of the following is not a service often provided by representatives to their constituents? A) attempting to influence the decision of a regulatory commission on behalf of a constituent B) presenting a private bill for constituents C) offering constituents legal advice regarding new administrative laws D) writing and mailing out newsletters Points Earned: 1.0/1. 0
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Quiz Attempt 1 - Congress 1. W hich of the following is the...

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