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MUS 1751 Assignment 2 Dr Houser, Instructor Name_________________________ Vocabulary of Harmony and Rhythm 1. ______________ places the accent either on a weak beat or between beats. 2. The speed at which the beats progress____________________ 3. The first beat of a measure is called the __________________ 4. The last beat of a measure is called the ________________ 5. The organization of time in music is called __________________ 6. An even pulse that divides the passing of time into equal units ________ 7. The sounds that provide a support and enrichment for the melody._____________ 8. A triad built on the scale degree I is called the
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Unformatted text preview: _________________ 9. A triad built on scale degree V is called the __________________ 10. A triad built on scale degree IV is called the ___________________ 11. Pitches sounding disagreeable and unstable _______________________ 12. Pitches sounding agreeable and stable _____________________________ 13. A movement of chords in a purposeful fashion is called a __________________ 14. When a chord is spaced out over time, broken or staggered it is called an _______________ 15. A chord that consists of three pitches arranged in a very specific way___________...
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