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MUS 1751 Assignment 4 Dr. Houser Instructor Name_______________________________ Directions: Go to and take the “Dead German Composer” personality test. Answers the questions as if you were also a composer. If you do not understand a term, please go to the text or the internet and identify it, so that you can answer the question the best you can. (obviously this is not a serious test, but there is good info) Due on March 26 th Enter the name of the Dead German Composer you are most like:
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Unformatted text preview: __________________________ Read the biography provided by the quiz (this will give you the dark side of the composer. Then read the bio in your book. (or on the internet if it is not in your book) Do you agree with your result? Yes No Listen to the composers music. (if not on your CDs try You Tube or ) Enter the name of the piece you heard: ________________________ Did you like it? Yes No Why?...
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