MUS_1751_Assignment_6-1 - MUS 1751 Instructor: Kimberly...

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Unformatted text preview: MUS 1751 Instructor: Kimberly Houser Assignment 6 Review for cumulative part of exam Answers can be found in the location indicated in ( ) 1. The marking pp instructs musicians to perform a) softly b) moderately soft c) very softly (pg 39) 2. A musical texture consisting of a single melody accompanied by chords is considered: a) monophonic b) polyphonic c) homophonic (pg 53) 3. Bridge composer between Classical and Romantic eras: a) Haydn b) Mozart c) Beethoven (pg. 222) 4. A is a virtuosic instrumental piece that also serves as a technique exercise. a) nocturne b) lied c) concert etude (pg. 284-285) 5. Dynamics in music refers to: a) quality of the sound b) highness or lowness of pitches c) volume (how loud, how soft) (pg. 39) 6. Freud is said to have influenced this: a) Expressionism b) Impressionism c) Romanticism (pg. 365) 7. _______________ is a ballet that depicts an idyllic rural, nineteenth-century American setting: a) Rhapsody in Blue b) Appalachian Spring c) Oklahoma (pg. 383-384) 8. Russian composer who was a victim of Soviet era censorship: a) Mussorgsky b) Shostakovich c) Rachmaninoff (pg 372) 9. First African-American composer to have a work performed by a major symphony orchestra: a) William Grant Still b) Duke Ellington c) Nathaniel Dett (moodle notes) 10. Major source of musical employment during the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque eras: a) the church b) publishing companies c) universities (chapters 8,9, 10)...
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MUS_1751_Assignment_6-1 - MUS 1751 Instructor: Kimberly...

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