MUS_1751_Fall_Assign_1-1 - _______________________. 8. When...

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MUS 1751    Assignment No. 1    Dr. Houser, Instructor  Name___________________________________________ The Vocabulary of Melody 1.  The grid work of lines and spaces that that pitches are notated on is called a            s  ________________________. 2. This kind of clef is used for the higher voices. ___________________ 3. This kind of clef is used for the lower voices. _____________________ 4. An arrangement of pitches that ascend up and down the octave in a fixed pattern of  whole and half steps is called a _____________. 5. The note that a melody is based around is called the_________________. 6. An arrangement of whole and half steps that goes 1-1-1/2-1-1-1-1/2 is called a  _______________________. 7. An arrangement of whole and half steps that goes 1-1/2-1-1-1/2-1-1 is called a 
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Unformatted text preview: _______________________. 8. When the music shifts from a major to minor this is called a change in _______. 9. When a note is marked sharp is it raised or lowered? ________________ 10. When a note is marked flat is it raised or lowered? _________________ 11. A scale consisting of all twelve possible pitches. _____________________ 12. The first phrase of a melody that moves away from the tonic _____________ 13. The second phrase of the melody that returns to the tonic__________________ 14. The duplication of a pitch at either double or half its vibratory rate is called the ____________________. 15. The relative position of a sound high or low is called its ____________....
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MUS_1751_Fall_Assign_1-1 - _______________________. 8. When...

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