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Syllabus for MUS 1751 Music Appreciation Instructor: Dr. Kimberly Houser, Professional in Residence Office: M&DA 120 Office Hours: By Appointment Only Office phone 225.578.0521 Email: [email protected] Text and Required Materials: 1. Craig Wright - Listening to Western Music , 5 th Edition, includes textbook with an introductory CD (Attached to back cover) and a supplementary set of 2 CD’s. 2. Supplementary materials to be provided on semester book. Course Description and Objectives: This course is a part of the General Education curriculum because it fosters an appreciation of the arts, particularly music. Students will learn to think about, describe, interpret and analyze a wide variety of musical genres . This course is designed to familiarize the student with the rich history, fascinating figures, and novel sounds of the tradition of Western Art Music. (i.e. classical music) As listeners, people all develop particular tastes and we tend to identify with certain sounds as our music. So we are all aware of how much music can affect our moods and our thoughts. The music we will be listening to in this class is the music the great artists, writers, philosophers, scientists and politicians were listening to throughout the course of western history. It can be found that often the world of music coincided with these other fields and there was a great deal of influence amongst these fields. In this regard; studying, understanding and appreciating these masters and masterworks can give a student more insight into the history of western culture and modern western thought. It is not asked that the student learns to “like” art music, but rather that they gain an appreciation for what is and an understanding of how it has shaped our world. General Policies: Grading scale: A=90-100, B=80-89, C=70-79, D=60-69, F=0-59 Grade percentages: 1. Assignments/attendance 5% 2. Concert Attendance 6% 3. Quizzes 9% 4. Exam #1: Early Music, Musical Elements 16% 5. Exam #2: Elements cont. and Baroque and Classical (Midterm) 18% 6. Exam #3: Beethoven and into the Romantic period 18% 7. Exam #4: Twentieth Century and Cumulative 28% Total 100%
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Conferences may be arranged with the instructor by appointment. Questions can usually be answered via email, I am encouraging you to use email for most questions. In addition students can always track their grades and check important class information and notices by using their PAWS account to access the Moodle page maintained for this class. Qualified students seeking accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act are required to self-identify with the appropriate campus office. Classroom behavior:
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MUS_1751_Syllabus_Fall_09 - Syllabus for MUS 1751 Music...

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