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Mathematics Department, UCLA T. Richthammer fall 08, information Oct 10, 2008 Information on the first midterm: Math 31A Calculus, Sec. 2 On the midterm there will be some questions on definitions, theorems and explanations. The following list gives not a complete list of all possible things, but a list of the most important things that you have to know: Chapter 2: Definition of the limit. Definition of continuity. Definition of the types of discontinuities. Graphical explanation how and why the Squeeze Theorem works. Chapter 3: Definition of the derivative and differentiability. Definition of the tangent line. Proofs for derivatives of elementary functions (e.g. sin( x )). Proofs for the Rules of Differentiation (e.g. product rule). You can easily prepare for these questions by carefully revisiting the corresponding parts from
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Unformatted text preview: the lecture. Apart from that the best preparation is to do lots of problems. Most problems from the midterm will be similar to (but not the same as!) problems from the lecture and the homework. Try to redo as many homework problems as possible, without looking at the answers beforehand, and check if you can solve them. If you want to have additional exercise, do problems from the book. (There are answers to many odd-numbered problems.) If you are not sure if you solved a problem correctly, we can discuss that in the office hours. Start your preparation (revisiting your lecture notes and redoing problems) as early as possible. Good luck for the midterm!...
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