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Emergence of Anthropoids

Emergence of Anthropoids - Emergence of Anthropoids Friday...

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Lecture Topic: Paleocene to Miocene Dinosaurs become extinct at K-T boundary Paleocene marked by cool temperatures and emergence of Plesiadapiforms When did primate-like species begin to emerge? primitive, primate-like mammals, have diastema 35 genera, 75 species Variable in diet Variable in body size (10 to 7kg) Variable in locomotor patterns Activity patterns unknown but likely nocturnal Who were the Plesiadapiforms? Molar morphology, carpolests, grasping hands and feet flat nail on big toe, claws on others Why are they considered primate-like? Probably not primates, no post orbital bar, non convergent orbits, claws, no nails and no petrosal bulla Had 3-1-3-3-3 dental formula earliest definite primates are 2-3-4-3, so most are too derived in number of premolars to be primate ancestors except One species Purgatorius 3-1-4-3 dental formula Harder to derive and gain teeth than lose them Were they really primates…? Eocene, very warm period, tropical faunas 54-34 mya Euprimates = true primates Grasping hands and feet, PO bar, petrosal bone, nails and hallux Split into adapoids and omomyoids Unknown which anthropoids evolved from When did the first Euprimates show up?
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