Homo Neanderthals and Heidelbergensis

Homo Neanderthals and Heidelbergensis - Homo Neanderthals...

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900-130 kya, during times of cold periods of glaciation followed by many short warmer interglacial periods Great variability in climate shaped human evolution even further During these cold periods, Glaciers covered much of North America and Europe, forests shrank, deserts and grasslands spread and Africa and Eurasia were separated by desert so no migration occurred When warm the forests spread, ice retreated and grasslands deserts spread across much of the area When did Archaic Homo Sapiens begin to appear? The intermediate between the H. ergaster/erectus and anatomically modern humans Homo heidelbergensis after being found in Heidelberg, Germany What is the Archaic Homo sapiens and what is it referred to as? Cranium: Tent shaped cranium in back, widest at base, supraorbital taurus, Brain size of 900 cc, long low crania, longer crania than it was wide Teeth are smaller, no chin, long and robust lower limbs? What characterizes H. Erectus? Large, prognathic face No massive brow ridges, increase in brain size to 1400 cc, vertical taurus forehead, high cranial vault (as a result of less brow ridges), widest point on temporal (not base like erectus), presence of chin Rounded occipital (rounded back of skull) Face tucked under anterior braincase, flexed cranial base Canine Fossa, depression of canine teeth What characterizes anatomically modern humans? Morphological and genetic data proves it Genetic data proves Neanderthals and Sapiens share their last ancestor as Heidelbergensis Derived features (more like anatomically modern) Larger brain 1200-1300 cc, higher foreheads, more rounded skull,
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Homo Neanderthals and Heidelbergensis - Homo Neanderthals...

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