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Male Reproductive Strategies

Male Reproductive Strategies - Male Reproductive Strategies...

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Lecture Topic: Male Reproductive success is much more variable, most males do not provide any infant care, some or much Therefore there should be strong selection on traits that improve a male’s reproductive success relative to other males depending on the environment What affects Male Reproductive success? Sexual Selection - differential selection as a result in the variation to obtain mates May conflict with natural selection as a force Sexually selected traits are most pronounced in sex with most limited access to mates What is sexual selection? Female choice (good gene and sexy son hypotheses) Male-male competition What are the two modes of sexual selection? Ex. Peacock tail decreases speed to escape predators but increases attractiveness, perfect example of natural selection vs. sexual Bower bird nests Ex. Mandrill nose color Female Mate Choice: selection favors traits that make males more attractive to females or increase female fitness
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