Modern Synthesis (selfnotes)

Modern Synthesis (selfnotes) - Modern Synthesis(selfnotes...

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Lecture Topic: The combination of evolutionary theory with Mendelian genetics Darwin was unable to explain how traits were passed on and how variation existed Many of Mendel's laws did not fit with Darwin's theory of natural selection without modern synthesis Modern Synthesis The expression of genes to a phenotype is often controlled by many loci (more than one, which explains simple discontinous traits) Basically, Natural Selection would not be able to show that beak depth increases by small increments, instead they would show large, abrupt increases in increments (small, medium, large) Geneticists argued that Natural Selection would not be able to explain the continuous distribution found in say beak depth (it would either by short, medium or long according to Mendel's laws) If the beak depth is controlled by two loci, each with two alleles, we can see the more gradual distribution of depth, or with three loci, even more so Continuous traits are affected by genes at many loci, each locus having only a
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Modern Synthesis (selfnotes) - Modern Synthesis(selfnotes...

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