Origin of Modern Humans

Origin of Modern Humans - Origin of Modern Humans Tuesday...

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Lecture Topic: Evolved in Africa around 200,000 ya First migrated 100,000 ya out of Africa (Qalezeh) Then migrated from Africa about 60,000 ya and this migration spread throughout the world Although they are morphologically human, they are not modern What is the origin of Anatomically Modern Humans? Behavioral evidence for symbolic thought (cognitive humans) appears 100,000 ya (carvings, art, rituals) 35,000 ya we see these changes in Europe What is the classifier for "modern" humans? Slow of fast change? When and where did modern human behavior evolve? Archaeology What evidence shows this? Chin Brain case, rounded head Vertical forehead, small face, small brow ridges Skeleton is less robust than Neanderthals More delicate rib cage and barrel shaped thorax What are the defining features of anatomically modern humans? Early modern human fossils are rare Homo sapiens sapiens When do humans first appear in the fossil record? Omo Kibish I, Ethiopia, 195,000 ya Ethiopia, 160,000 ya, 3 Crania, primitive features ( browridges, pointed occipital bones) Modern features (high rounded brain case) Neanderthals also found at nearby sites (Tabim 10,000 ya) Qafzeh, Israel 115 or 90 kya, (which coincides with interglacial) Where were they found? Acheulean and Mousterian tools What stone tools were found? 77,000 ya in Bolombos, South Africa Two small ochre plaques bearing engraved geometric designs Shells that were strung (ornaments) What was the earliest evidence for symbolic thought? During the lecture, take notes here. Insert a sub-page for each lecture topic. Important Points: Origin of Modern Humans Tuesday, May 04, 2010 11:20 AM ANP 120 Page 1
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Beads also found in Morocco (82,000 ya) and Skhul (100,000 ya) Gap from 100 kya to 40 kya Neanderthals in Europe (150k to 30k) Modern (Upper Paleolithic) archaeological sites at 40k Earliest modern human fossils at 36k When do we find anatomically modern people in the rest of the world? Oase I, Romania, mandible 36-34 kya
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Origin of Modern Humans - Origin of Modern Humans Tuesday...

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