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april 7 - Is really a fantasy the world is not black and...

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English 111 Lecture - April 7.2010 Sabrina Kuah ENGLISH 111 FINAL EXAM FORMAT Passages o Seven pick five o Recognize work, title, author o Analyze: how it is important, relate to themes, ideas presented in the course Essay o Two, pick one o Combine themes, keywords from the course in a coherent manner A MAP TO THE DOOR OF NO RETURN Synopses of other works, a summary of the course “I am nostalgic for a country that doesn’t yet exist on a map” (pg, 52, 85) Relationship between form and content o “or”--Suggests double consciousness ? (either or, one or the other) Subject, object; master, servant; black, white; home, away; Insistence on a world arranged by opposites, dichotomies, but is there a grey area? Symbolized by water o Cultures, languages It is a work about multiplicity and an argument against it Home and belonging doesn’t come from blood, roots, origins, it comes from the grey zone and the lists of “andandand”
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Unformatted text preview: Is really a fantasy, the world is not black and white, but has a grey area o “and”--lists, multiplicity • Pay attention to the trivial details in the text, the nuances • Enlightenment = slavery, terror o Similar to the DuBois epigraph o The way things actually happened can be put in lists of “andandand” Knowledge, slavery, beginning of feminism, terror, overthrowing monarchy, anti-women campaigns (Multiplicity) Roots, belonging doesn’t mean anything • Hauntings (4:45am) o 4:45am quotes “finding a compass….I am nostalgic….” Pg 52 o “Dear Eduardo, I am not nostalgic…” o Dawn= grey area , the most disorientating, neither here nor there space, vulnerable o Her epiphanies occur during her time in the grey area o Coming out of sleep and out of wake o Alone with surroundings, singular: just you and the world o Double consciousness=grey area , area of indecision •...
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april 7 - Is really a fantasy the world is not black and...

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