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FCS195 LEC 10 - Lecture 10 Friday 2:28 PM 1 2 Art and Music...

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Art and Music 1. Maurice Ravel (1875-1937) a. Born in France (Father: Swiss and Mother Basque) b. His own personal style i. One of the most precise and refined composer at that time ii. Profession in form and style 1) Igor Stravinsky : [Ravel is ] the most perfect of Swiss watchmakers. iii. Delicate c. “Boléro” (1928) 2. Modest Mussorgsky a. A Russian Composer b. One of "The Russian Five": A group of five Russian composers to incorporate natural and folk music elements into classical music 3. “Pictures at an Exhibition” a. Modest Mussorgsky, “Pictures at an Exhibition”, original version for piano (1874). b. Viktor Hartmann i. A Russian artist of Jewish origin 1) A painting exhibition 2) Mussorgsky visited his exhibition a) To express it in music b) A piano soda at first c) 1874 "Pictures at an Exhibition" c. Almost half a century later i. 1922 , Maurice Ravel orchestration of the "Pictures at an exhibition" ii. To orchestrate 1) Each particular instrument has its own color and quality a) Own color and own tone 2)
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  • Spring '05
  • HaliaKoo
  • Edith Piaf, Maurice Ravel, Pictures at an Exhibition, Modest Mussorgsky, Music Maurice Ravel, Maurice Ravel orchestration

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