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1. Asterix the Gaul B.D. Bdeds: Bandes sessinees Comic strips a. A comic rewriting the history b. Asterix i. Full of verbal humor (puns) ii. Full of references (to history, culture, books, …) iii. A successful phenomenon in French iv. Deeply rooted in the French National conscious The Gauls vs. The Romans History: the Gauls 2. Modern France, Belgium, west Germany and northern Italy 3. Ancient name for the region 4. The Gauls : a Celtic people organized in tribes, led by chieftains. a. Druids: ancient Celtic priests b. Menhir < Breton dialect i. -men = stone ii. -hir=long iii. Long stone placed vertically c. A dolmen (stone table) i. Dol = table ii. Horizontal d. The Alignments of Carnac, Brittany ( French: Bretagne) i. Nearly 3000 menhirs ii. Placed in parallel roads over a distance of 3-4 miles The Gauls vs. the Romans 5. 390BC, The Sack of Rome a. Romans realized that Gauls were dangerous b. Romans started to colonized the Gaul gradually later 6. 58-50BC: Julius Caesar a. Campaign in Gaul b. 52BC: Vercingetorix led a major rebellion against the Roman i. Died 46 BC c. "De Bello Gallico" (On the Gallic Wars) i. One of the unavoidable military textbook Roman Province of Gallia 7. Give Latin name to places a. Lutetia - Paris b. Lugdunum - Lyon c. Tolosa - Toulouse d. Burdigala -Bordeaux e. Massilia - Marseille
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FCS195 LEC11 - Last Lecture Friday, April 08, 2005 2:08 PM...

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