GGR336 lectures and essay

GGR336 lectures and essay - GGR336H1 Lecture 2- 14th...

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GGR336H1 Lecture 2- 14 th Jan,2009 The Commercial City 1. Six major features of the commercial city 2. A social geography of two cities - Montréal - Quebec 1. Commercial center Trade: major economic function of the commercial city - trade of goods (manufacture goods from the expansion of European goods) - Cities that have access to water (water transportation) Merchant: major actor - Facilitated into international economy - Responsible trading within the national economy - Wealthiest people in American and Canadian cities from trading Cities such as Quebec City, Boston, Baltimore and Charleston were nodes linking the Americans with the international economy Features of the commercial city 1. Commercial center - Places such as Philadelphia’s London Coffee Shop (a) and City Tavern (r) were centers of commercial knowledge for the city’s leading merchants - Transportation and communication facilities connect urban North America to Europe and the hinterland 2. Small and compact - Small in scale and made up of a small and mainly European (both immigrant and by origin) population - but by 1800, population has grown dramatically, Philadelphia and New York population were soaring high. - From 1690-1840, Population of Selected Mercantile Cities: Boston 7000-118,800 Philadelphia 4000- 220,400 New York 3900-348,900 Montreal 1150-44,600 3. Class hierarchy -A) Upper class : dominated by long-distance merchants (wealthy and powerful) who linked cities with other places - i.e. John Hancock ? - In1800s, he was a son of a Boston merchant became politician and became wealthiest
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GGR336 lectures and essay - GGR336H1 Lecture 2- 14th...

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