GGR336 L5 - GGR336 L5 4th Feb Housing in the Industrial...

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GGR336 L5 4 th Feb Housing in the Industrial City “unsanitary and unfit for human habitation” 1. Copp and housing 2. Housing markets 3. Land and housing in the industrial city Copp and Montreal housing What is aim? To outline housing conditions and to examine the response to these conditions by the middle class and the state Argument: What is it? - what sorts of conditions were they facing? - how did the state take actions? How did they respond for the particular problem? - State is unwilling to intervene; seen by those in power the state has no right; housing is simply a private affair; the ideology of how to have the right to interfere - Labour market produces a lot of inadequate income which causes the lack of adequate housing for these people because they could not afford them - Affordable housing - Housing conditions - Government regulation - Building codes - they weren’t effective - never enough inspectors to enforce government regulations - Individual-structural constraints Even powerful reformers found structural constraints Housing markets Housing market The place, the ‘market’ where buyers and sellers exchange housing as a commodity - building has a particular use and the exchange value - A list of characteristics of housing: durability heterogeneity ; each house is unique, in terms of price, accessibility, quality, location > this make the housing market extremely complex
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use value ; specific groups use houses in a different ways> houses take on an individual meaning to different classes and ethnicity exchange value immobility - houses are immobile comparing to other commodities -important shaper of urban geography; I.e. Rosedale was always a high class
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GGR336 L5 - GGR336 L5 4th Feb Housing in the Industrial...

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