GGR336 Lec 6 - GGR336 Lec 6 The Industrial City and...

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Unformatted text preview: GGR336 Lec 6 The Industrial City and Immigration 1. Zucchi and Italian settlement 2. New York City and immigration- Mulberry District- Lower East Side Zucchi and Italian settlement 1. Chain migration- magnesium and process by which people emigrate from country origin to destination- to ease immigrants to extreme hostile - chain migration is constructed and channels to:- info to prospective emigrants family in NewYork, labour agent - info and aid for the journey financially, shipping tickets to elsewhere- info and aid to arrivals 2. Economic and social hardship.- Division of labour (segregated), poverty (intense), discrimination (Italians werent seen to be white) and housing- immigrants tend to be found at the low end of labour market- British were at the top of the ethnic division - An over representation of East European unskilled workers - Immigrants tend to have few decent housing opportunities- Segregation- Most immigrants faced social and geographic separation - ethnicity and segregation is interrelated - In 1880- 1930, Blacks were heavily segregated in Philadelphia 3. Slums, immigrants and residential areas- immigrant space is represented as a slum- The Ward- the citys major immigrant reception area- was identified as Torontos major slum district Torontos slums, 1911 1. The Ward 2. Eastern Ave- Don River to Bay 3. Niagra St 4. Parliament St 5. Bathurt St 6. Spadina Ave Common features of the districts 1. Rear houses and dark rooms 2. Overcrowding 3. Housing unfit for habitation 4.inadequate water supply 5. Unpaved alley and filthy yard 6. Outdoor privy 6....
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GGR336 Lec 6 - GGR336 Lec 6 The Industrial City and...

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