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Ho 996047825 Poverty has been one of the major trenches that caused deterioration in housing quality in the past century. During the period between World War I and World War II, this housing crisis became a serious public issue in Montreal, Canada. In Copp’s article, he suggested that a high population density in working class, foreign settlements from Europe and other Quebec rural areas have predominantly set off the instantaneous growth of slums in Montreal during the late 19 th to early 20 th century. However, little attention had been paid to city planning in Montreal. Copp also claimed that a lack of standardized housing code accumulated these substandard neighbourhoods with “narrow streets, few open spaces or parks” over decades. The failure of the housing conditions had interfered the public socially, politically and environmentally. Between the periods of 1897-1920, manufacturing factories were everywhere, working class wards were densely populated in Montreal. Suburbanization of higher- class merchants took place; the left behind Victorian style houses in downtown became the world of those waged- labours (Rutherford, 96). However, the lack of maintenance and dense population turned those “decent” housings into slums over years (Copp). The low awareness of housing degradation among those immigrants from Europe and rural areas was also the determinant for poor housing conditions in Montreal. The difference in cultural ideas certainly drew a difference in living standard. Thus, “overcrowding” had placed an additional pressure on the already inadequate housing as an increase amount of immigrants. The shortage of decent housing became Canada’s greatest social problem in the
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GGR336eesay - Ho 996047825 Poverty has been one of the...

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