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lessonplan Pricing Strategies

lessonplan Pricing Strategies - repeat what steps were...

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LESSON PLAN Name of Student Teacher: Date: Time: Grade/Subject/Course: Cooperating Teacher’s Initials/Signature Pre-Approving this Lesson: 1. Lesson Topic(s): Pricing Strategies 2. Length of Time: 45 minutes 3. Lesson Material(s) and Special Equipment - Print-outs of PowerPoint presentation and Venn diagram for homework assignment. - Computer in classroom - Projector /Projector Screen - PowerPoint Software - Electronic White Board - Blackboard - Chalk 4. Objective(s) Students will gain knowledge about the different methods of pricing strategies for products. 5. Assessments and Checking for Understanding Engage students in discussion about their personal experiences with prices for products and check for prior knowledge. Check for understanding when giving PowerPoint presentation. Do little examples on electronic whiteboard. Engage all students. During prizing calculations on blackboard ask questions of students and check for understanding. Check for understanding when students perform calculations on blackboard. Make other students
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Unformatted text preview: repeat what steps were taken. Homework assignment. 6. Procedures and Content Presentation Have students come up with some products they feel they paid too much for. Discuss products like iPods etc. that start out with high prices upon market entry and then decrease in prices. Give PowerPoint presentation on pricing process and various methods of pricing strategies-Skim Pricing-Penetration pricing-Psychological Pricing-Follow Pricing-Cost-Plus Pricing-Slide-Down Pricing-Segment Pricing-Flexible Pricing-Preemptive pricing a-Phase-out Pricing-Loss-Leader pricing Calculate some examples on blackboard. Have students do some calculations on blackboard. Homework assignment: hand out print-out of expanded Venn Diagram and tell students to pick three of the pricing methods taught in today’s lesson and to compare them. a...
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