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Unformatted text preview: Gary Leger. Marketing: Product Positioning and the Marketing Mix 1 • Objectives: At the completion of this unit, students will be able to: 1. Define the concept of “position.” 2. Define the elements of the marketing mix a. Product b. Price c. Place d. Promotion 3. Describe the process by which a position statement and action plan based upon the four P’s of marketing are developed. 4. Demonstrate how the product mix can be used to create a favorable position for the product or service that they are marketing. • Background: o This lesson plan is part of a larger unit on agricultural marketing. At this stage, students have already identified a product or service for which they are developing a marketing plan, and they have conducted market research to identify the physical characteristics of their product, the nature of the competition in the market, as well as tastes and preferences of consumers. Students have already developed marketing objectives for their plans (e.g., to increase sales by 100 percent, increase market awareness by 50 percent, etc.) based upon their marketing analysis. Students have already developed marketing “teams” to market those products/services. The following conventions have been used to make the lesson plans easier to follow: Information from overheads is typed in red ink. Discussion or dialogue in black ink and parenthetical information or description is in italics. o Key terms Marketing: Product Positioning and the Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) Gary Leger, Agriculture Teacher Las Vegas, New Mexico 2006 Gary Leger. Marketing: Product Positioning and the Marketing Mix 2 ¡ Position ¡ Marketing Mix ¡ Product ¡ Price ¡ Place ¡ Promotion ¡ Action Plan • Logistical Information o Time: 100 Minutes o Tools, Equipment, Supplies ¡ Variety of hats, costumes for each student ¡ Transparency masters: TM1. TM2. TM3. TM4. ¡ Copies of TM4 for each marketing team. o Resources: ¡ Chris G. Yorke, Agrimarketing Project. ¡ FFA, Marketing Plan Career Development Event, Rules and Format. • Interest Approach. Before students arrive, place the box of costumes in the center of the room. These can include any costume props – sports jerseys, welding helmets, lab coats, cowboy hats – that will help students make a judgment about the occupation of other students. Ask students to select a costume as they enter the room. Once everyone has their costume, ask students to develop their first impression of the people in the room. Look around at your new classmates. What do you think of them? Take a few seconds and look at each person. What can you tell me about the person in the … here elicit plausible first impressions of students....
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This note was uploaded on 05/20/2010 for the course MARKETING 107 taught by Professor Vivian during the Spring '10 term at SCA NC.

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4B._LK_Technical_Lesson_PlanII_EDITED - Gary Leger...

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