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September 27 -29, 2007 Villach, Austria 1(5) Advantages and disadvantages of e-learning at the technical university O.A.Sheypak, G.G.Artyushina, A.O.Atryushina, S.A.Sheypak “MATI” – Russian State Technological University named after K.E.Tsyolkovsky. Key words : On -line education, external education, long-life learning, advantages and disadvantages Abstract : The term Electronic Learning or e-Learning is being used in Russia rather rarely. It integrates a number of terminological notions in the sphere of application of modern information and communication technologies in education such as multimedia, education on the base of web-technologies, etc. Teachers and learners must realize that new opportunities are offered by modern on-line communication. A person with basic Internet and Web skills is open to a new world of knowledge, from free Web surfing and self-organized education – through on-line resources and familiarization with Internet culture, its places, sites, search engines etc. – up to a more structured approach. 1 Introduction Among developed countries Russia takes only 55 th place in introduction of e-learning so far. Since 2005 the leaders of “MATI” have paid much attention to the problems of development and introduction of e-Learning technology into educational process. Among 34 Russian universities taking part in the rating of information technologies in education “MATI” takes only 14 th place. Experts say that in future distance learning will become the most popular format in education. As if it is well-designed e-learning allows getting the newest knowledge in any field: on-line text-books are worked out by professionals, the classes can be organized without breaks of job and in convenient periods of the time for a learner. “MATI” has some experience in this field but all attempts still have fragmentary features. Nowadays e-Learning has become the most important component of innovation, education technologies, especially in the fields of retraining specialists and improvement of professional skills. It is in fact possible to learn either from downloaded texts and manuals helping to teach student a foreign language with the help of Internet (self-study), either from real Web-based and Web-structured course like the course for former Russian military men, or the external education of distant learning or distant learning for university entrants, at “MATI” – Russian State Technological University named after K.E.Tsyolkovsky. ”To introduce e-Learning technologies widely in the training process of “MATI” is a priority of the present days”, says the rector of “MATI”. Today it is really possible due to the currently working unique Common Information System of the university, supported by corresponding programming and apparatus facilities. hal-00197235, version 1 - 14 Dec 2007
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62_Final_Paper - Author manuscript, published in...

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