28 - Web-based Learning: Advantages and Disadvantages...

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1/23/09 10:33 AM Web-based Learning: Advantages and Disadvantages Page 1 of 2 http://www.e-learningguru.com/articles/art1_9.htm home | site map Send us a note Subscribe FREE to the monthly e-Learning Guru newsletter! Your work e-mail: Sample Issue #1 Sample Issue #2 I value your privacy. I will never rent or sell your e- mail address. You can always unsubscribe with one-click. Google Search WWW e-LearningGuru Search Beginner Basics > Using the Web for Learning: Advantages and Disadvantages by Kevin Kruse Advantages of Web-based Learning The general benefits of Web-based training when compared to traditional instructor-led training include all those shared by other types of technology- based training. These benefits are that the training is usually self-paced, highly interactive, results in increased retention rates, and has reduced costs associated with student travel to an instructor-led workshop. When compared to CD-ROM training, the benefits of Web-based training stem from the fact that access to the content is easy and requires no distribution of physical materials. This means that Web-based training yields additional benefits, among them: Access is available anytime, anywhere, around the globe . Students always have access to a potentially huge library of training and information whether they are working from home, in the office, or from a
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28 - Web-based Learning: Advantages and Disadvantages...

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