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Marketing MIT Careers Office 12-170 (617) 253-4733 Overview Marketing combines the arts of brand creation, management, and enhancement. Of strategic importance to a business, marketers work to shape the public perception of an organization and its products. They help their companies anticipate the needs of their target group of consumers, satisfy those needs, maintain relationships with customers whose needs have been met, and aggressively attempt to expand the organization’s market share. Understanding the customer, what motivates him or her to buy a product, and using one’s personal creativity and enthusiasm to appeal to that motivation is the core of a marketer’s job. Experience, Education, and Skills Undergraduates with or without degrees in marketing can land entry-level jobs at market research firms. If you don’t have a degree in business, an internship can be incredibly helpful in making you a suitable candidate for a marketing job. Chief marketing officers at larger organizations are expected to have an MBA, but entry-level marketers can still win promotions through consistently stellar performance. In this career field, you don’t advance automatically; you earn your way up the corporate ladder by displaying exceptional creativity and performance.
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marketing2 - Marketing MIT Careers Office 12-170 (617)...

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