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Quantitative Research Survey _______________________________________________________________________ _ D EFINITION     Quantitative research is "A formal, objective, systematic process in which numerical data are utilized to obtain  information about the world" Quantitative research differs from qualitative research in  the following ways:  The data is usually gathered using more structured research instruments  The results provide less detail on behavior, attitudes and motivation  The   results   are   based   on   larger   sample   sizes   that   are  representative  of   the  population,  The research can usually be replicated or repeated, given it high reliability; and  The analysis of the results is more objective.  The most common quantitative research techniques include:  Observation technique  Experimentation  Survey technique  Quantitative   research   is   the   numbers   game.   It's   about   measurement   and   attaching  numbers to a market - for instance market size, market share, penetration, installed base  and market growth rates.  Quantitative research  is based on the numerical representation  of observations for the purpose of describing and explaining the phenomena. It is used in  both natural and social sciences, including physics, biology, psychology, sociology and  geology, education, and journalism. Marketing Research _______________________________________________________________________ 1
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Quantitative Research Survey _______________________________________________________________________ _ Quantitative research begins with the collection of data, followed by the application of  various descriptive and inferential statistical methods. In the field of health, for example,  researchers   might   measure   and   study   the   relationship   between   dietary   intake   and  measurable   physiological   effects   such   as   weight   loss.   Quantitatively   based   opinion  surveys are widely used in the media. In opinion surveys, respondents are asked a set of  structured questions and their responses are tabulated. In the field of climate science,  researchers   compile   and   compare   statistics   such   as   temperature   or   atmospheric  concentrations of carbon dioxide Quantitative research is often contrasted with  qualitative research ,  which is the non- numerical examination and interpretation of observations for the purpose of discovering  underlying  meanings  and  patterns  of relationships.  Qualitative  research  is generally  considered to be exploratory and inductive in nature. It is used to get a general sense of  what is happening and to form theories that can be tested using further quantitative 
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