9 9 chapter 9 provides a list of the items requiring

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Unformatted text preview: t assets. 9-9. Chapter 9 provides a list of the items requiring reconciliation when going from the modified accrual to accrual basis of accounting. Students should be able to provide examples related to each of the nine items identified in Chapter 9. The use of a state or local government’s CAFR (see www.gasb.org/new/index.html, then Statement 34) will help students provide examples. 9-10. OCBOA stands for other comprehensive basis of accounting. These bases are nonGAAP, and for governments generally include cash, modified cash, or regulatory basis of accounting. Governments may use OCBOA rather than GAAP if they believe the 9-3 Chapter 09 - Financial Reporting of State and Local Governments Ch. 9, Answers, 9-9 (Cont’d) OCBOA makes it easier for management to maintain and prepare financial reports, makes it easier for all users to understand, or is less costly than GAAP. An audit opinion must be modified to reflect that OCBOA rather than GAAP was used (see Chapter 12). Solutions to Ca...
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