Chapter 11 Study Questions

Chapter 11 Study Questions - 16. What part of a database...

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Chapter 11 Study Questions 1. Why would you create a list instead of creating a database? 2. What is data inconsistency and what creates it. 3. What is the advantage of Data integrity in a database? 4. Numbers used to perform calculations in a database are stored in what type of field? 5. What field type would be used to store a telephone number in a database? 6. What would you store in a object field in a database? 7. What kind of field would you use To store text data that may be a longer than paragraph in a database? 8. A group of related fields in a database is called a(n): 9. A group of related records in a database is called a(n): 10. What is the purpose of the primary key in a database? 11. What makes a good candidate for a primary key in a database? 12. How are tables logically linked to each other in a relational database? 13. What are examples of structured and unstructured data? 14. What is Oracle 10g? 15. What are the four main functions of a database management system (DBMS)?
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Unformatted text preview: 16. What part of a database contains data descriptions and defines the name, data type, and length of each field in the database? 17. What is another name for the data dictionary in a database? 18. What are other options of data entry into a database other than keying data directly into the database? 19. What type of query displays a subset of data from two or more tables using a common field? 20. How is database redundancy reduced in a database? 21. What are the characteristics of selecting a field as a primary key? 22. The process within the database design of ensuring that data entered into a database meets validation rules is called __________ . 23. What type of check ensures that all fields in a database defined as "required" have data entered into them? 24. What is a required field in a database? 25. What usually happens if you violate validation rules in a database? 26. What is a data warehouse?...
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Chapter 11 Study Questions - 16. What part of a database...

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