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Chapter 9 Study Questions 1. Eight binary digits combine to form one ___________ . 2. The language consisting of 0s and 1s that computers understand is called ________ language. 3. The ________ determines how many bits of data can be sent along a given bus at any one time. 4. The most frequently used instructions of a computer program are likely to be fetched from ________ . 5. The most recent improvement in PC processors is ________, a technology whereby there are two processors on the same chip, enabling the execution of two sets of instructions at the same time. 6. Video cards and sound cards use the ________ to communicate with the motherboard.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Peripherals communicate with the CPU through the _____________ . 8. Today's system clocks are measured in gigahertz (GHz), which would translate into ________ of clock ticks per second. 9. What is load balancing? 10. The ________ connects all of the system's electric components: the CPU, memory, expansion slots, and electrical paths that connect these components. 11. A large network of computers each working on a portion of the same problem simultaneously is known as ______________ . 12. Today's chips are composed of tens of millions of ________________ ....
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