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Chapter 8 Study Questions

Chapter 8 Study Questions - sharing 8 Give an example of a...

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Chapter 8 Study Questions 1. What is the maximum speed of the 802.11g WiFi wireless standard, now used in most wireless networks? 2. Where is the operating system of a cell phone is stored? 3. The specialized chip in a cell phone that performs the mathematical operations and handles compression is the ____________________. 4. What technology enables you to carry a powerful navigational aid in your pocket? 5. What is a micro browser and where is it used? 6. Flash memory cards are considered ________, meaning that when you turn off the player, you will not lose your data. 7. Originally, Napster was a file-exchange site where music files were not stored on a central server but were directly transferred from other users' computers. Current sites using this technology are Gnutella and Kazaa.. This process is referred to as ________
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Unformatted text preview: sharing. 8. Give an example of a Personal Information Manager (PIM) and explain what it does. 9. ________, originally known as MP3 players, are small portable devices that can hold video, audio or still images. 10. What does the sampling rate of a digital media file indicate? 11. What is the importance of a Secure Digital memory card? 12. A mobile device that combines the functionality of a cell phone, a PMP and a PDA like found in an iPhone is an example of a ___________ . 13. Give an example of "store-and-forward" as used with cell phones. 14. What is Symbian? 15. How are files usually transferred to and from Portable Media Players? 16. As in the case with cell phones, connecting your PDA to the Internet requires that you have a/an ____________ ....
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