Chapter 6 Study Questions

Chapter 6 Study Questions - 12. What do the terms...

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Chapter 6 Study Questions 1. What is Moore's law and how does it relate to computers? 2. What portion of the CPU that coordinates the activities of all the other computer components? 3. What portion of the CPU performs the mathematical calculations and comparison decisions? 4. What is random access memory and what are some of the names used to refer to it? 5. What are some of the characteristics of random access memory? 6. What is virtual memory and what is it used for? 7. Devices that lose data when the power is turned off are referred to as ___________. 8. How much slower is data access from the hard drive compared to accessing data from RAM when using virtual memory? 9. How is the resolution of a monitor measured? 10. What is low-level formatting and what does it do to a hard drive? 11. What is hard drive access time and how is it measured?
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Unformatted text preview: 12. What do the terms rotational delay and latency mean and what device are they associated with? 13. What does a CD-RW drive with a speed rated as 52x16x52 indicate? 14. When is it safe to remove a flash drive from a system? 15. What device converts binary data into the images that display on the monitor? 16. How do you change the display resolution on a monitor? 17. What happens to the image on the monitor when you increase the resolution? 18. What device is typically connected to an RJ-45 jack? 19. Which port is replacing the older serial and parallel ports on computer systems. 20. What are some of the wireless transmission stands used with PC's 21. IEEE 1394 is also known as ___________ . 22. What is Bluetooth and how is it used?...
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Chapter 6 Study Questions - 12. What do the terms...

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